Yo-Kai Watch 2 Metrospectros analysis. Level 5 portable ghosts

Yo-Kai Watch 2
Written by Kamran Haider

One of the most precious sagas of Level 5 today, Yo-kai Watch, reappears on Nintendo 3DS with an “expansion” of what the last edition of Carnánimas y Fantasqueletos gave us. A new trip called Yo-kai Watch 2: Metrospectros, which we are analyzing right now.

Pokémon is still an unattainable phenomenon for the rest of franchises that have long been giving a lot of war on Nintendo 3DS, that is a fact that nobody can question. But behind this flagship, we find a good handful of sagas created by Level 5 that enjoy millions of followers such as Inazuma Eleven, Professor Layton (a franchise that seems especially bright to me) or the one that concerns us, Yo-kai Watch.

Precisely here we have the new delivery for the Nintendo laptop … although more than new, it is actually an expanded version of what the last Yo-kai Watch double edition: Carnánimas y Fantasqueletos, an adventure with tints of RPG that we already analyzed at the time. A title even more complete and with more possibilities than what this production has already given us, being a tremendously recommendable game, especially for the most childish public that is to whom Yo-kai Watch 2: Mentespectros is aimed.

Once again at the beginning of the adventure we must choose our character, being able to choose between Nate and Katie (the boy and the girl respectively), enjoying the possibility of course changing their name and choosing the one we like the most, something that we also like It happens with other main characters like Jibanyan . And from here begins a really enjoyable adventure that gives us about 20 or 25 hours of entertainment, trips to the past, exploration and very curious combats. An epic that starts with the casual discovery of the most precious object: the Yo-kai watch.

The same fun, little news

After visiting an antique shop we are entertained with the power of the Yo-kai watch. An object that far from being common, allows us to detect some very striking ghostly beings (the Yo-kai) that we can collect and “store” in coins, which we can insert in the clock itself to invoke them.

The proposal is the one you all know, given that the second part of this saga is not that it was precisely the most innovative of all in relation to the original. And as we are facing a full-fledged expansion or, if you prefer, before a kind of “Definitive Edition”, it is clear that originality and the ability to surprise the user is not the main quality of this adventure with touches of RPG. Therefore, throughout our trip, it is necessary to go over a wide range of missions (more than 100), almost all of them quite simple and in which we usually act as dumps (buy certain objects, visit certain characters or places, capture bugs, etc.)

Obviously, throughout the game, it is necessary to dialogue (in perfect Spanish, voices included) with a multitude of secondary characters, which are duly reflected in the map that appears on the bottom screen, as well as the other places of interest of Floridablanca and others scenarios we visited. But the real grace of the game, as in the aforementioned Pokémon series, lies precisely in finding and capturing as many pets as we can.little news

It is not the most original delivery, but the most complete

for this purpose in many cases, it is necessary to fight, battles that have a rather curious operation and that encourages us to make intensive use of the 3DS touch screen to manage our characters, take special actions, etc. A system that has its detractors but, personally, it seems to me that it works quite well. In short, all the elements that this adventure offers us in playable terms are very enjoyable and makeup gameplay not especially surprising but attractive and diverse.

We had already experienced all this before, what news does Yo-kai Watch 2: Metrospectros present? Well, a few, certainly, although in my opinion none of them stands as a full justification when repeating the experience to all those who already played one of the two original titles, Carnánimas, and Fantasqueletos. But as always, that is something that each user has to value.

To start, in this edition we can load the starting data of Carnánimas / Fantasqueletos from the main menu screen to be able to go through unpublished dungeons with their respective final bosses. To this is added a dozen new missions (including a very interesting one that is related to Darknyan) which, as I have already told you, adds to the more than 100 already known, as well as the possibility of being able to collect 15 maleficent Yo-kai from new wedge And finally, it is also possible to take a walk through the Gera Gera theme park (which may become the most striking innovation for many users) and the possibility of enjoying an expanded version of the entertaining local multiplayer mode Blastersin which up to four players in local mode must face waves of enemies and final bosses such as Intellect, Lady Misfortune and many others. And the more players participate in battles, the more rivals appear on the stage.

It is a very careful game in its audiovisual aspects

Little else must be scratched that has a novel character. It’s enough? I reiterate that it depends on each player, but what is unquestionable is that all these developments enrich even more a very remarkable adventure that, if you have never tried it, you would do well to do it because it is captivating. It is also a very careful game in its audiovisual aspects, with 3D environments more than striking to be this veteran console, tremendously expressive characters and an excellent sound section that includes voices in our language and a very good soundtrack.

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The best-known ghosts of Level 5 return with an expanded version of the original title that we enjoyed some time ago, an edition that presents a number of interesting novelties but none of them is important enough to make this proposal a must-have for all those who They already played it in their day. However, if it is not your case you would do well to enter Floridablanca because you are going to discover a game that presents a lot of common ties with that great saga that is Pokémon and that has very remarkable playable depth.

  • Very complete and well-recreated gameplay
  • Great diversity of creatures that we can collect
  • The battles are very entertaining and enjoy a very striking system
  • The title is completely localized to our language
  • The structure of the missions is repeated more than the account
  • The news presented is not bad, but they fall short

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