You can Make Your Sea of Thieves Pets Throw Up

Sea of Thieves pets
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Sea of Thieves presently has pets, and incidentally, they’re critical eaters. I got myself a parrot—it coordinates my ostentatious privateer getup—and took it with my on a voyage on my modest sloop. Being a decent flying creature proprietor, I carried some dazzling succulent grubs with me, accepting Mr. Toots would be a fan. He was most certainly not.

When my beautiful friend sneered down his grubs, he began hacking them back up once more, heaving upchuck on my perfect deck. I ought to have been set up for this, as something comparable occurred on Rare’s livestream, however with a genuine monkey.

You can see the minute where I turned into an awful fowl proprietor beneath.

We presumably shouldn’t be permitted pets, given that Chris put his pet in a gun. Fortunately, neither of our critters were hurt. Sea of Thieves’ pets are harder than their privateer buddies, it turns out.

Sea of Thieves’ pets are a spoiled bundle, so you need to cook the grubs first, evidently. Fundamentally, anything that players can eat is fine. After their bite, they’ll even do a little move. It’s extraordinary.

In the event that you need your very own pet, you’ll have to either discover uncommon Ancient Coins in the game or sprinkle out with some genuine money at the Pirate Emporium. In the wake of obtaining or finding the coins, you can spend them on pets and two or three packages that additionally contain some extravagant ensembles.

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