Ys Origin analysis. The origin of a classic

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A classic returns more than ten years after its original release, for the first time, translated into our language. Ys Origin, one of the most emblematic installments and the beginning of the History of this world, makes its appearance on both PS4 and PS Vita to re-engage a new generation. Analysis.

It is easy to prejudge. It is easy to look at a couple of images or a video and think: “This is not for me.” It doesn’t matter, I’ve done it myself many times. With Nihon Falcom herself and her sagas, in fact. But one good day, I decided to buy Trails in the Sky and after that came his second installment and then Trails of Cold Steel. And then I continued to enter the company and launched myself with a few Ys. The surprise was capital. It is easy to prejudge, but few moments there are more pleasant in the life of a player than discovering a new style of play that you have ignored for many years to think that it was not for you.

That’s how good Ys is. An Action RPG (one of the first to redefine the genre in Japan) that has a very long history and yet remains as unknown in the West as the first day. Luckily, companies like XSeed or the one that concerns us in this case: DotEmu, do not cease in their dedication to publicizing these games in America and Europe, bringing it to the current systems. In the case of Ys Origin , it is the second attempt, after its good time on PC in Steam and GoG , where it garnered good reviews (you can see the analysis of users on Steam) or this port for PS4 and PS Vita, which includes all the features of this version, adapting it to current standards and, for the first time, translating all of its texts into more languages, including Spanish. A unique opportunity to enter the saga.

The not only language is the reason to enter with Origin. A purist may recommend you start at the beginning. Buy Ys I & II and go watching its evolution. But I think that both Oath in Felghana and Origin are good candidates to start with. This one that occupies us, in addition, for being the game located first chronologically. In addition, he is in one of the golden stages of Nihon Falcom, when he created his graphic engine for Ark of Naphistim, which he shared with other games like Trails in the Sky and this Origin. A visual style that may not look as much in static images, nor in an isolated video, but in which its benefits are appreciated when you are hours and hours within the worlds that you have created.

We have not yet reached the good. Ys is action without rest. Waves of enemies that occupy the rooms were to crush the button without neglecting your approach to each enemy and the correct use of skills. Skills that you will be strengthening and finding new ones that will help you detect weaknesses in each type of situation. What is the biggest problem, especially of many new players who try the saga? That at first may seem a bit repetitive. You take a few axes and ask yourself: Are you there? That’s it? Yes and no. In Ys, you kill a lot and constantly, but that repetition goes in the essence of the genre, of the Action RPG, be it a Ys or a Devil. Of course, it is not all. The enemies are becoming increasingly challenging. The relative tranquility of its first levels hides a vertiginous subsequent freneticism. Give it a few hours and you will see for yourself. The scenario makes it less and less simple and if you do not explore each of its corners, apart from not achieving enhancers, you will take more turns than you should. Ys Origin, if you are not careful, has no qualms about sending you to the last saved game, but does not sin as a sadist and lets you repeat the boss instantly if you die. That you will

Do not sin sadist and let you repeat the boss instantly if you die … that you will!

The levels of this infernal Tower of Babel hide all kinds of traps, platforms, secrets, and enhancers that we will have to face, but the exploration works so well that it is engaging to go through each level of the tower at an increasingly devilish speed, until you find the key to how to move forward, while discovering all the chests that will make you increase your team more effectively. It is accompanied by some puzzles that have nothing to do with puzzles, but to reward your boldness and the way you see things differently. And finally, the main course: final bosses that will make you sweat the command. Facing them is an addiction and pure frenetic, because if you die you are instantly starting over, while you learn their patterns, memorize them and execute them perfectly. The battle against the centipede or the construct is great examples. Not only do they invite you to everything we have mentioned, but they also require an order when it comes to causing damage or managing your special abilities. Believe me: you will be grateful to have played Ys Origin when you face them.

The origin of Ys

It may not matter to some, because Origin is so packed with action that history can be a simple Originaddition for some players. But it will not seem that way if little by little you are completing each of the games in the saga. Origin is exactly what you think: the origin of this world, a prequel to all other deliveries that, in my opinion, serves as a good start to enter the saga. The perfect? Of course not, because you will always lose some winks to other episodes that Nihon Falcom always does, but if it keeps the perfect balance in-game style and information of the story.

A story that puts us in the shoes of Yunica Tovah, a knight’s apprentice whose duty forces her to enter the tower of demons to protect the goddesses of Ys Feena and Reah from them. His style of close combat with an ax is vertiginous but riskier. At the beginning of the adventure, we are given a choice between Yunica or Hugo Fact, a sorcerer who completely changes the rules of the game, making it incredibly replayable. Choosing Hugo instead offers his own story and a style of distance fighting, firing rays of energy through orbs that make the experience practically a shoot ’em up. In addition, there is one more character to unlock from which we will not give much data, and the best way to have a complete view of the story is to end a game with each character.

Ys Origin is not perfect. The most debatable point is the tower itself, which can make you are climbing a somewhat repetitive experience. It is not in practice, because we will face underwater levels, lava, and high heights, for example, providing enough variety, but it is true that the fact of being confined in a tower and not seeing more world can come to be somewhat claustrophobic. This, together with the fact that if you don’t have much interest in history, it can be somewhat tedious, since it is not possible to skip the scenes, they have been some of the most criticized points of this installment. Perhaps it would not have been more to touch up Hugo’s gameplay, since the game almost shouted to use a dual-stick mechanics to shoot, although we understand that this would change the original playable experience too much.

A little that you like the genre, little that you like to try new things (it is strange to say “new things” talking about a Ys, but necessary), give Ys Origin a chance if you like what you see. The reward can be capitalized: discover a saga whose freneticism and mechanics have few similes at present. And if all this has not convinced you, there goes the bait: some players have compared the experience of killing their final bosses and solving some puzzles with the Souls saga. Add to all this a soundtrack that, although it is not as sugarcane as in other deliveries, connect with the action in an organic way until it is inserted in your brain for days, while you continue ascending in this tower of ascending fun. Yes, that’s how good a Ys is.

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This new version of Ys Origin invites you to discover why it is a classic. His classic artistic style hides deep Action RPG mechanics, challenging final bosses and unique replayable through its three protagonists and different styles. The fact of being for the first time translated into Spanish will help more players understand the origins of the saga while climbing this infernal tower full of fun.

  • Frantic and deeper action than meets the eye
  • The soundtrack, full of themes that blend perfectly with each situation
  • The final bosses, very challenging and who need skill and strategy
  • Three characters with very different combat styles to choose from
  • Being confined to a tower gives little variety to the scenarios
  • For some players, the combat can be somewhat repetitive

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